TIER-III certified data center in Moscow
Uptime 99.982%. All systems redundancy. Certified Design, Facility and Operations by Uptime Institute. PCI DSS compliant.
Fully redundant network
Network N+N. Bandwidth over 100 Gbit/s. Unlimited traffic. DDoS protection.
24/7 support
Qualified staff. Free KVM. Hardware mount/dismount, troubleshooting.

Server Colocation

Data center
DataPro II
DataPro II
DataPro I
Server size
1 Unit
1 Unit
2 Unit
3 Unit
4 Unit
5 Unit
If you need an individual collocation configuration, contact us at and we will calculate price for you!
Power supply
up to 350 W
up to 350 W
up to 1000 W
1 Gbit/s (traffic 100 Mbit/s)
100 Mbit/s
200 Mbit/s
300 Mbit/s
400 Mbit/s
500 Mbit/s
600 Mbit/s
700 Mbit/s
800 Mbit/s
900 Mbit/s
1000 Mbit/s
0 $/mo
Discount from one year
DataPro Moscow I
DataPro Moscow II


  • Colocation in 19" rack
  • Remote controlled PDU
  • Backup outlet
  • АВР (for servers with one power supply)
  • IP-KVM
  • Bandwidth 1 Gbit/s
  • Second Ethernet port
  • DDoS protection
  • IPv4
  • IPv6
  • Mount/dismount
  • Hardware commutation
  • OS install
  • USB-DVD or USB Flash connection
  • Reboot on demand
  • 24/7 support
  • Control panel (install OS, traffic monitoring, reboot)
  • Visiting hours 24/7
  • Client room to work with your hardware

Colocation by SmartApe

If you need to place a physical server on the territory of a reliable data center, use SmartApe services. We host customer equipment, as well as rent solutions based on Intel and AMD processors.

Reliable colocation with 99.982% uptime

SmartApe hosts servers in two data centers in Moscow - DataPro Moscow I and DataPro Moscow II to choose from. These data centers are certified by the Uptime Institute for Tier III and Tier IV infrastructure reliability standards, respectively. Among their features are:
  • Power supply system, corresponding to the 1st category. Uninterrupted power supply is provided by the inclusion of diesel-rotor sources in the scheme.
  • Using the 4/3N redundancy scheme. It ensures uninterrupted power supply to the equipment in the data center even if one of the UPS groups fails.
  • Throughput capacity of DC channels is over 100 Gbit/s.
  • Equipped with the VESDA ultra-early smoke detection system and automatic fire extinguishing system. Your equipment will be reliably protected.
  • By ordering colocation services from us, you can be sure that the server equipment is reliably guarded. The data center is monitored around the clock and an PACS system is used.
  • Connection and configuration of the equipment is carried out within 1 day. You can order today for tomorrow (depending on availability of technicians and the amount of server equipment to be installed in our DC).

What you get when you install a server in a colocation from SmartApe

The basic package of services includes:
  • Installation of your server equipment in a rack. Our data center uses 19" enclosed racks with the ability to mount up to 48 units. The more units you occupy, the cheaper the cost per unit in the end.
  • Initial network setup. The servers are connected to a 1 Gbit/s channel. The average monthly traffic is up to 100 Mbps for free. We guarantee uninterrupted connection.
  • Provisioning of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
  • Each server we host is connected to two independent power supplies (with two power supplies).
  • If necessary, remote access to the equipment can be provided using IP KVM technology.
  • We can arrange delivery of your equipment to the data center with our own transport.

List of additional services for customers who place servers in our data centers

Ordering a server placement with us, you can supplement the basic package with many other elements.
Additional guaranteed bandwidth can be allocated to you upon request. We offer 1 and 10 Gbps options.
Also, when hosting servers with us, you can choose the rate corresponding to the power of your server: up to 350 W or up to 1000 W. Server capacity is determined by the value indicated on the power supply unit.
We offer local ports (including redundancy), cells for temporary storage of equipment, etc. Please contact us and our specialists will configure a package of services just for you.

When it is reasonable to use the placement of server equipment in the data center

We recommend that you consider placing your equipment in a third-party data center in the following cases:
  • If you have a site with high traffic.
  • If you need to host a powerful game server or a solution for other purposes.
  • When you plan to work as a reseller and sell hosting or other services.
  • If your web resource works with important data (personal information, payment information, etc.).
  • If you need to create your own cloud (for example for 1C) IT-infrastructure, and there is no room in the office to place the equipment.

Advantages of hosting physical servers at SmartApe

We have a 24-hour customer support service. The SLA specifies a response time of no more than 15 minutes.
We lease space in a dedicated containment area, all racks are keyed, and entry is allowed strictly by electronic passes. This ensures that third parties do not have access to your equipment and information.
To find the right configuration for you and calculate the cost of server equipment, please contact our managers.

Our clients: