Terms of usage

SmartApe OÜ leaves the right to suspend or decline services without prior notice in the following cases:

  • Upon detection of DDoS, inclined put down customer’s network hardware, should the contractor not be able to stop it;
  • If the services may create a thread to the health and safety of the government, or other people;
  • Action or inaction of the customer which may lead to malfunction of the hardware/software of the contractor or 3rd parties;
  • Customer’s actions are aimed at disrupting the normal functioning of internet elements;
  • Customer performs other actions or placing materials that are expressly banned, but containing any composition of an administrative or criminal offense, or violate the rights and legitimate interests of 3rd parties, as well as the current legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

It is sole responsibility of the customer to perform regular data backup, located on the contractor’s resources. However the customer can buy an additional backup service for Unlimited hosting 3.0 and Bitrix hosting 3.0. In this case the customer's data will be copy every day to the separate storage. Depth of backup storage: 7 daily and 4 weekly copies.