Windows VPS

Your personal virtual server on Windows
Client isolation. Guaranteed resources (KVM-virtualization). Administrator access. Ability to install any software.
Guaranteed uptime
UpTime 99.982%. Storage to choose from: fast NVMe SSD or cheap HDD + SSD. TIER-III and TIER-IV certified data centers.
24/7 Support
Free of charge basic troubleshooting. Help in migration. Qualified staff.
Disk Type
Payment period
1 month
3 months
6 months
1 year
2 years

Available operating systems


Secrets of Ultra-fast Windows VPS from SmartApe

NVMe SSD disks
Server SSD drives connected via NVMe protocol. They've never been faster.
Unlimited Internet
Dedicated channel 200 Mbit/s per virtual server. Unlimited traffic.
Maximum Speed
Powerful Intel Xeon Gold processors up to 3.70 GHz or AMD EPIC processors up to 3.35GHz. NVMe drives of the latest generation.
Guaranteed resources
KVM hardware virtualization with hardcoded resources.
99.982% availability
TIER III data center. Reliable RAID-10 storage. High SLA guaranteed.
Full-featured virtualization
No limits on hosted projects and programs. Full isolation.
Auto-install OS
All current Windows Server operating systems are available for installation in one click.
30 days refund
Full money-back guarantee if you don't like our services or they are not suitable.
Control Panel
Full virtual server management functionality including monitoring, console and reinstallation

All tariffs include

Round-the-clock support

Our system administrators are available 24/7 to help and answer any questions you may have.

RDP access

We give full RDP access (remote desktop) in Windows with administrator rights.

Basic administration

We will help you with the basic configuration of Windows if there are any problems with the operating system

Convenient control

Restart, reinstall, see load and traffic graphs on your VPS through the panel.

Dedicated external IP

By default, the VPS gives one IPv4 address. You can buy up to 10 IPs per server

Test period

Free test for 10 days to try the service (you will only need to pay for a Windows license)

Console access (VNC)

At any time you can connect to the console of your server if something went wrong with it.

Microsoft Licenses

You can rent and install any necessary Microsoft licenses, such as Remote Desktop Services, SQL Server, Office, etc.

DNS server

You can connect a free DNS hosting service to manage your domains.

Windows VPS technology

Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Windows VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) is a virtual personal server running the Windows Server operating system, which has almost all the properties of a physical server.
Virtual KVM has a number of advantages:
  • Allocated resources include CPU, RAM and disk storage;
  • Access to the server console (VNC technology);
  • Fully independent OS.
SSD (Solid-State Drive) is a solid-state storage device that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently.
NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory) – NVMe is a new protocol for connecting to solid-state drives (SSDs) via a PCI Express bus. This protocol allows working with non-volatile memory (usually NAND flash memory) with reduced latency, a new set of commands and a queue engine that are specially designed for efficient use of multi-core systems and multi-threaded solid-state drives.
We use only professional server NVM SSD drives designed for write intensive workloads, and having high reliability (TBW). Server hardware is also only used enterprise-level, all systems are equipped with Intel Xeon Gold or AMD EPYC processors and fast buffered DDR4 memory with error correction.
These technologies allow you to increase the performance of VPS hosting up to 600 times compared to HDD VPS and ensure the reliability of Windows VPS at the highest level.
Buy Windows VPS or Windows VDS and you will get the following features:
  • Fully isolated operating system with administrator rights;
  • The possibility of self-configuration of operating system parameters;
  • Installation of any necessary system libraries;
  • Delete, add and modify files on your VPS;
  • Installation of the necessary software for your project;

Windows VPS advantages

Administrator rights (superuser)
Individual IP-address (up to 10)
Complete isolation
Fixed amount of resources (Disk space, RAM and processor time)
Fantastic speed of the disk subsystem
Read up to 8000 MB/s
Write up to 2000 MB/s
Read up to 680k IOPS
Write up to 185k IOPS
Choice of OS version
  • Windows Server 2022
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
The Windows VPS service is ideal for the projects:
  • placement of accounting systems (in particular 1C:Enterprise) on a virtual server for secure remote access to them by several employees at once;
  • launching various applications specifically designed for the Microsoft Windows platform;
  • hosting of web projects on the Microsoft platform (IIS, .NET Framework, C#, etc.);
  • deployment of the company's internal infrastructure on the Windows Server platform (Active Directory, File Server, SharePoint, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.).
You have the opportunity to verify the quality of our services by ordering a Windows VPS server for the test period, that is, to use it for 10 days (you will only need to pay for a Windows license). During this period, you will be able to evaluate all the advantages of the service in practice.

Reliable Windows VPS hosting

Modern virtualization
Secure disk storage
Network hardware
Powerful servers
We use professional server NVMe SSD disks, assembled into a RAID array (a redundant array of independent disks connected by high-speed channels), which provides:
  • high reliability of data storage;
  • fantastic speed of reading and writing data.
SmartApe US is a legal hosting company that complies with all federal laws of European Union.
Our servers are located in most modern and reliable TIER III and TIER IV data centers, which lets us guarantee the highest SLA on the market.

Easy to use Windows VPS

Creating a virtual server takes only 1-2 minutes. Automatic order processing system will create for you a ready-to-work VPS on any of the proposed versions of Windows Server operating systems at any time of day or night
Virtual server control panel functionality.
  • Turning on, turning off, reboot
  • Reinstalling Operating System
  • View availability and detailed technical information about virtual servers
  • Monitoring (traffic, processor, disk subsystem)
Technical support works around the clock, so at any time you can get an answer to any question related to the operation of hosting.
Not sure which tariff to choose? Start with NVMe X2. If necessary, easily upgrade to a more powerful one.
The price includes protection against DDoS-attacks, which will not allow your competitors and hackers to stop the work of your site.
We work with both businesses and individuals. You can see the payment methods on this page.


In addition to our Windows VPS service, we can also supply you with any licenses you may require.
Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (1 user)
11.82 $/mo
Microsoft Office Standard (1 user)
22.89 $/mo
Microsoft Office Professional Plus (1 user)
31.30 $/mo
Microsoft SQL Server WEB (2 Core)
15.17 $/mo
Microsoft SQL Server Standard (2 Core)
242.78 $/mo
Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise (2 Core)
930.92 $/mo
Microsoft Exchange Server Standard (1 user)
3.52 $/mo
Microsoft Exchange Server Standard + Outlook (1 user)
6.08 $/mo
Microsoft Exchange Server Enterprise (1 user)
5.68 $/mo
Microsoft Exchange Server Enterprise + Outlook (1 user)
8.18 $/mo
Microsoft SharePoint Server Standard (1 user)
4.89 $/mo
Microsoft SharePoint Server Enterprise (1 user)
3.98 $/mo

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