Windows VPS

  • Your personal virtual server on Windows
    Client isolation. Guaranteed resources (KVM-virtualization). Administrator access. Ability to install any software.
  • High speed and reliability guaranteed
    UpTime 99.982%. Fast SSD disks in RAID (up to 15 times faster than regular HDD). TIER-III certified data center in Moscow.
  • 24/7 Support
    Free of charge basic troubleshooting. Qualified staff.
PlansSSD ProfiSSD BusinessSSD MegaSSD UltraSSD Hyper
Intel Xeon E54 CPU6 CPU8 CPU12 CPU16 CPU
Disk storage (SSD)
20 GB
40 GB
30 GB
60 GB
40 GB
80 GB
60 GB
120 GB
100 GB
200 GB
200 Mbit/s
Unlimited traffic
200 Mbit/s
Unlimited traffic
200 Mbit/s
Unlimited traffic
200 Mbit/s
Unlimited traffic
200 Mbit/s
Unlimited traffic
OSwindows server 2012windows server 2016windows server 2019
Monthly rate
23.74 $/month
42.76 $/month
74.57 $/month
114.54 $/month
178.48 $/month
Price for ½ year subscription(30% discount)
18.46 $/month
110.78 $/6 month
33.65 $/month
201.90 $/6 month
57.79 $/month
346.74 $/6 month
85.76 $/month
514.59 $/6 month
130.53 $/month
783.15 $/6 month
Price for annual subscription(50% discount)
14.95 $/month
179.36 $/year
27.58 $/month
330.91 $/year
46.60 $/month
559.19 $/year
66.58 $/month
798.98 $/year
98.55 $/month
1 182.64 $/year
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SSD Profi
  • RAM2 GB
  • Intel Xeon E54 CPU
  • Disk storage (SSD)
    20 GB
    40 GB
  • Bandwidth
    200 Mbit/s
  • Monthly rate
    17.50 $/month
  • Price for ½ year subscription
    12.23 $/month
    73.38 $/6 month
  • Price for annual subscription
    8.71 $/month
    104.55 $/year
SSD Business
  • RAM4 GB
  • Intel Xeon E56 CPU
  • Disk storage (SSD)
    30 GB
    60 GB
  • Bandwidth
    200 Mbit/s
  • Monthly rate
    30.29 $/month
  • Price for ½ year subscription
    21.18 $/month
    127.09 $/6 month
  • Price for annual subscription
    15.11 $/month
    181.28 $/year
SSD Mega
  • RAM8 GB
  • Intel Xeon E58 CPU
  • Disk storage (SSD)
    40 GB
    80 GB
  • Bandwidth
    200 Mbit/s
  • Monthly rate
    55.87 $/month
  • Price for ½ year subscription
    39.09 $/month
    234.51 $/6 month
  • Price for annual subscription
    27.90 $/month
    334.75 $/year
SSD Ultra
  • RAM16 GB
  • Intel Xeon E512 CPU
  • Disk storage (SSD)
    60 GB
    120 GB
  • Bandwidth
    200 Mbit/s
  • Monthly rate
    95.84 $/month
  • Price for ½ year subscription
    67.06 $/month
    402.37 $/6 month
  • Price for annual subscription
    47.88 $/month
    574.54 $/year
SSD Hyper
  • RAM32 GB
  • Intel Xeon E516 CPU
  • Disk storage (SSD)
    100 GB
    200 GB
  • Bandwidth
    200 Mbit/s
  • Monthly rate
    159.78 $/month
  • Price for ½ year subscription
    111.82 $/month
    670.93 $/6 month
  • Price for annual subscription
    79.85 $/month
    958.20 $/year


Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) or Windows VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) is a virtual server running a Windows Server operating system that has all the advantages of physical servers without the downsides.

Virtual KVM has a number of advantages:

  • Allocated resources include CPU, RAM and disk storage;
  • Access to the server console (VNC technology);
  • Fully independent OS.

Depending on your needs, you can order Windows VPS on ultra-fast SSD disks, or on standard HDD SAS disks.

SSD (Solid-State Drive) – is a very fast drive that uses integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently.

HDD SAS (Hard disk drive Serial Attached SCSI) – is a hard disk drive used in most servers and computers. We use reliable and fast server versions of disks, working on the SAS protocol and having a rotation speed of 15000 rpm.

When buying Windows VPS and Windows VDS professionals will get additional features:

  • completely isolated OS under your control with Administrator rights;
  • possibility to adjust any settings of the system
  • installation of any system libraries;
  • removal, addition, correction of any files in the system;
  • installation of any required software.

Windows VPS advantage

Administrator access (superuser)
Individual IP-address (up to 10)
Choice of OS
Fully isolated from other users
Allocated resources (disk storage, RAM, CPU)

The Windows VPS perfectly suits the following projects:

  • placing accounting systems on a virtual server for secure remote access to several employees at once;
  • launching various applications specially developed for the Microsoft Windows platform;
  • hosting web projects on the Microsoft platform (IIS,. NET Framework, C #, etc.);
  • deploying company's internal infrastructure on the Windows Server platform (Active Directory, File Server, SharePoint, Microsft SQL, etc.).

or the most doubtful we offer a free of charge test period of 10 days for VPS, during which you will be able to make sure that our VPS is up to your challenge!

Reliable Windows VPS

Modern virtualizationKVM
Reliable storageRAID
Network hardwareCisco
Tier III data centerDataPro
DDoS protection

HDD and SSD-disks compiled in RAID that provides:

  • high reliability of your data;
  • high speed of reading and writing data.

SmartApe LLC is a fully licensed company that complies with all federal laws.

Our servers are located in Moscow’s most modern and reliable TIER III certified data centers, which lets us guarantee the highest SLA on the market.

For 5 years of work, we managed to acquire a large number of clients who are ready to recommend us to their friends and partners.

Easy to use Windows VPS

Virtual server control panel functionality.

Turning on, turning off, reboot
Reinstalling Operating System
View availability and detailed technical information about virtual servers
Monitoring (traffic, processor, disk subsystem)

Our staff is available at your disposal 24/7 and can help you solve your technical difficulties related to the service.

Not sure which plan is best for you? Start with the Profi. Should you need, you can always upgrade to the next one.

DDoS protection is included in the plan, so you do not have to worry about attacks on your resources.

We work with both businesses and individuals, you may learn more by reading our agreement and should you need – we are always happy to have a copy signed on our side.


In addition to our Cloud Data Center service, we can also supply you with any licenses you may require.

Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (1 user)430 ₽/month
Microsoft Office Standard (1 user)950 ₽/month
Microsoft Office Professional Plus (1 user)1300 ₽/month
Microsoft SQL Server WEB (2 Core)700 ₽/month
Microsoft SQL Server Standard (2 Core)11 000 ₽/month
Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise (2 Core)41 000 ₽/month
Microsoft Exchange Server Standard (1 user)160 ₽/month
Microsoft Exchange Server Standard + Outlook (1 user)270 ₽/month
Microsoft Exchange Server Enterprise (1 user)250 ₽/month
Microsoft Exchange Server Enterprise + Outlook (1 user)370 ₽/month
Microsoft SharePoint Server Standard (1 user)220 ₽/month
Microsoft SharePoint Server Enterprise (1 user)180 ₽/month
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