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.ru 2.74 $/year
.su 4.86 $/year
.com 14.00 $/year
.biz 18.23 $/year
.tel 16.82 $/year 14.71 $/year
.kz 15.41 $/year
.us 14.00 $/year
.me 23.86 $/year
.club 15.41 $/year
.tv 36.52 $/year
.сайт 46.37 $/year
.store 61.78 $/year
.xyz 12.60 $/year
.online 36.52 $/year
.space 23.86 $/year
.vip 26.67 $/year
.work 11.89 $/year
орг.рф 1.34 $/year
.рф 2.74 $/year
.moscow 5.56 $/year
.net 15.41 $/year
.info 18.23 $/year
.mobi 23.86 $/year 7.67 $/year
.қаз 16.82 $/year
.eu 14.00 $/year
.in 14.00 $/year
.guru 43.56 $/year
.fm 182.89 $/year
.photo 42.15 $/year
.men 42.15 $/year
.agency 30.89 $/year
.site 32.30 $/year
.top 14.00 $/year
.app 26.67 $/year 14.71 $/year
нет.рф 1.34 $/year
.рус 7.67 $/year
.москва 5.56 $/year
.org 14.00 $/year
.pw 28.08 $/year
.name 11.89 $/year
.укр 32.30 $/year
.by 23.86 $/year
.asia 21.04 $/year
.aero 77.34 $/year
.ws 36.52 $/year
.xxx 106.82 $/year
.company 12.60 $/year
.pro 19.63 $/year
.cc 16.82 $/year
.website 23.86 $/year
.icu 9.78 $/year
.shop 50.60 $/year 11.19 $/year
.ком.рф 1.34 $/year

Domain registration

Domain registration is the first step to hosting a web site.

A domain name has to be reserved beforehand. It is crucial to make sure you spell it right, ideally it should sound alike with the name, idea or service you want to offer..

You may check at any time if the domain is available, and apply for registration.

We offer domain registration in a number of zones.

Domain registration rules and terms:

  1. Average registration time:
    • ruрфsu up to 6-12 hours;
    • com and others 3-6 hours.
  2. Domains are registered on the person applies and belongs to this person and only.
  3. Number of symbols:
    • from 3 symbols,
    • up to 63 symbolts.
  4. One customer can register infinite amount of domains.
  5. Domain names are registered for one calendar year, and have to be renewed annually.

Choosing your domain name

  1. We recommend you use your company name or area of expertise in the domain name.
  2. Remember, the easier the domain name – the more people will remember it.
  3. You should pick the domain zone with respect to where the majority of your potential customer area.
  4. Using numbers that sound like words are not recommended, for instance SERVICE4U.RU can be much alike as SERVICEFORU.RUSERVICEFORYOU.RU, thus you would need to register all of the variations.

Don’t wait too long with registering your domain name, we suggest you do that as soon as you start your project.

If you don’t register your domain name today, tomorrow it may not be available anymore.
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