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FL (Federal Law)-152

SmartApe complies with all the legal acts and policies in the Russian Federation, and strives to meet the highest market standards.
As a law-abiding company we comply with all existing legal, organizational and technical aspects, enforced on the territory of Russian Federation, including FL (Federal Law) – 152 “On personal data”.

All SmartApe servers are located on the territory of Russian Federation.

SmartApe is included in the operator register that have a right to work with and process personal data - http://goo.gl/NoMN3P
ФЗ-152 SmartApe Роскомнадзор

In order to comply with FL (Federal Law) – 152 “On personal data”, we have released a public document “SmartApe LLC policies on processing and working with personal data” which is available to any interested party in the following link http://goo.gl/WGYIkc

Should you have any questions during your account registration, feel free to contact our support.

For other questions, including how to comply with FL (Federal Law) – 152 “On personal data” using SmartApe hosting services, we have arranged a hotline with our partner B-152, where you can consult with specialists in the field of information security.

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