Server Racks Rental

  • TIER-III certified data center in Moscow
    Uptime 99.982%. All systems redundancy. Certified Design, Facility and Operations by Uptime Institute. PCI DSS and ISO compliant.
  • Fully redundant network
    Network N+N. Bandwidth over 50 Gbit/s. Unlimited traffic. DDoS protection.
  • 24/7 support
    Qualified staff. Round-the-clock access. Hardware mount/dismount, troubleshooting and delivery to data center.

Server rack (cabinet)

Rack Units
Half Rack 23U
2 kW
Internet channel
100 Mbit/s
584.72$/month+257.02$ (setup)
If you pay by year 10% discount
If you need an individual collocation configuration, contact us at and we will calculate price for you!
Host-Telecom (Czech Republic)
Host-telecom data center is one of the most reliable data centers in the Czech Republic. All systems are designed and built in accordance with Tier III requirements.
DataPro Moscow I
Data Center DataPro Moscow I is one of the largest data centers in Russia with full Tier III certification from Uptime Institute.
DataPro Moscow II
The first data center in Eastern Europe that meets the Tier IV reliability level (In the process of certification by Uptime Institute Tier IV Design, Uptime Institute Tier IV Facility).


19" server racks (600 mm x 1070 mm)
Power from two independent electrical substations + UPS
STS (Static Transfer Switch)
Two PDU for rack (if rent private rack)
Redundant network connection
100 Mbit/s guaranteed bandwidth
DDoS protection
/29 IPv4 subnet (4 IP)
IPv6 subnet
Hardware delivery to data center
Mounting and dismounting of hardware
Switching equipment
USB-DVD or USB Flash connection
Reboot on demand
24/7 support
Visiting hours 24/7
Client room to work with your hardware
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