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Partner program

Everyone profits!

SmartApe partner program advantages:
Up to 20%* from expenses of all the clients you bring
Every first day of next month you will receive up to 20%* of what the clients you brought spend, as long as they stay our clients. Therefore, you always get a stable income.
Special bonuses for developers and web site admins
Web developers, web site/blog/forum administrators can host their resources free of charge, when working under our partner program.
Withdraw as much as $1 with WebMoney
At any time, you can withdraw the income you make and have it on your account in WebMoney.
Unlimited life span of referral links
Even if a client used your referral link after few years of having it, he will still be accounted in your income through our partner program.

How does it work?

Step 1
A person who used your referral link is registered in our system.
Step 2
This person uses any form of payment offered for his services.
Step 3
You receive up to 20%* from whatever all of your referrals spent in the past month.

Terms and general rules

You may not:

  • Spam with using any information related to SmartApe.
  • Promote SmartApe on any resources online or offline that are illegal in Russian Federation.
  • Создавать рекламные материалы и/или распространять/размещать рекламную информацию о SmartApe с нарушением действующего законодательства.
  • Use context adds of our services in any search engines.
* - 20% applies to the following services “Unlimited hosting 3.0”, “Bitrix hosting”, “VPS hosting”, “SSD VPS”, “Bitrix licenses”, «Cloud Data Center»;
- 5% for “Dedicated server”; 0% from “Domain registration”
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